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House of Tudor has existed in Warsaw since 1989, we design and create suits and shirts according to the latest European trends, as well as in a more conservative style.

The quality of our services and special attention to detail have made us chosen by leading businessmen and diplomats for almost a decade.

Details that make the clothes sewn by House Of Tudor are characterized by an exceptionally high standard.

An extra pair of suit trousers for traveling businessmen. Contrasting colored cuffs, linings and collars. Jacket edge stitching.

House of Tudor enables people to dress in style without wasting precious time shopping around. We provide the option of choosing materials, details and fitting in the comfort of your home or office. We will deliver new clothes and make sure that they fit perfectly.



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We offer tailoring services unbeatable to any in Poland. Our satisfied customers will certainly confirm the high quality of our services.

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Make an appointment in our showroom or in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Consultation – Our stylist will advise you on the occasion for which the client needs a suit, suggest the style, color and all details, thanks to which the suit will be perfectly fitted in every respect.
  • Tailoring corrections – Thanks to the tailoring modification, even a small one, you can enjoy a new, perfectly tailored outfit.
  • Taking measures – Taking a measure is the most important part of the process of sewing a suit. The outfit must fit perfectly to the figure. We keep the measures for future orders.


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