About us

House Of Tudor introduces the finest collection in Tailor-Made clothing since 1989.

We design, style and tailor suits and shirts as per the newest trend in Europe and also very conservative needs. We  stock fabric of reputed manufacturer’s from Europe ranging of British & Italian Cashmere, Wool & Silk for suits , Egyptian & Sea-island cotton for shirts. Our customer does not have to worry about measures and save a lot the precious time and hard earned money.

Assuring the comfort of home or office starting from the first step of selecting material, style and getting measured till the delivery and having the final fitting done.

Our detailed and meticulous attention service and quality makes us as the first choice to dress in style by leading polish business people and diplomats for more than a decade.

We have extensive range of fabric and different styles for suits , jacket , tuxedo, trousers and other accessories in the wardrobe. For a business traveler possibilities of ordering second pair of trousers for the suits , having the possibility of the ordering trousers with or without cuff and contrasting colures lining on jacket , hand stitch edges in the jacket.

Tailor made service like above and excellent service makes our customers feel the confidence and satisfaction they need for dressing in style which in an attitude reflecting his personality.